Cause and Effect (Week 4 Day 3)

As we continue to learn about seeking justice, we’ll continue to see an “if”, “then” scenario taking shape. Scripture is clear that if we pursue justice, then (1) we will become good news, (2) the Lord will guide us, (3) we will be satisfied, (4) we will be strengthened, and (5) our reputation will rise as repairers and restorers.

In other words, we’ll become more like Christ.

As you ponder this today, begin to prepare yourself for our day of action tomorrow. There are no discussion questions to answer, just a challenge, to take action on some of the needs in your neighborhood or workplace that you identified in week 2. Take a moment today to review what you wrote down (Day 2.4 pg. 38), and start thinking about what you’re going to do.

Remember that while this is just an exercise… you’re still attempting to meet a real need for a real person. Take this seriously, be prayerful, humble, and listen for God.  Use this as an opportunity to observe and learn.

*Leader Note: This week’s community day (4.5) will be committed to choosing the top potential project from your list of non-profits or cause groups the group has been researching. If you were assigned to contact one of the non-profits groups, be sure to make contact prior to your group meeting. If you are the group leader, be sure to follow up (today) with those assigned so they are prepared as well.


About Brandon Hatmaker

Church Planter, Missional Strategist, Non-Profit Collaborator, and Author of "Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture".
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2 Responses to Cause and Effect (Week 4 Day 3)

  1. Chad Jewett says:

    My heart is being challenged and broken through this study. I am realizing how little mercy I have shown, how much I have sought justice (payback), but not sought restoration. This is messy work, but this is the life that I have chosen – to follow Jesus Christ – but it is also exciting and redemptive. God is doing a great work in our community right now. We are beginning to see the need, and work to engage the need. I believe that we are pursuing a life after Christ, and to have our deeds, match our creeds.

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